Uncensored Pillow Talk brings a new view on all kinds of relationships (Straight, LGBTQ+, Bisexual, Pansexual, Open or Closed). Our four hosts discuss the topics most talked about in the SF Bay Area as well as in the web. Uncensored Pillow Talk crosses the barriers and conversations for any questions you have about any kind of relationships.
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18 de October de 2019

What’s Burlesque?

www.newsupnow.com Our 3 hosts talk about how the burlesque scene is getting bigger in the Bay Area.

7 de October de 2019

46th Annual Castro Street Fair

Castro Street Fair raises money for 16 local charities.

27 de September de 2019

Kyle Andrew remembers Folsom Street Fair 2018

25 de September de 2019

Is it more difficult to have a straight open relationship or an open gay relationship?

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2 de September de 2019

Sister Roma: “The Most Photographed Nun In The World.”


Meet The Hosts

Jet Noir Is the creator of The Black Manifest, an all Black - all male burlesque revue. He is a sex educator and was the first man hired to dance for the infamous Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre. He has a reputation for stunning audiences with performances that are at once joyous, playful, and will have you screaming for more. Jet is known as the obsidian obscenity here to disrupt your memories. He’s been dancing for decades and has been heating up stages, internationally, since 2010. Jet Noir brings his expertise in sexual education to our show.

V. is our resident kinkster and sexually fluid subversive fem fatal activist. She has spent most of her adult career as a public speaker and fitness specialist. You can currently find her probing, pontificating, and Prophesying as a co-host on the My Limited View podcast.  She joins the UPT team to bring a female voice top the show.

Kyle Andrew has been the co-host for UPT since last season. He’s queer comedian, writer, and social activist living in Oakland. Kyle brings several years experience in queer event planning, comedy, and drinking with his clothes off. While Kyle may work in health care by day, helping pregnant women get genetic testing, he claims he is more fertile than anyone else... and is willing to test that theory using the rigorous application of the scientific method. For questions and suggestions, please email us: pillowtalk@newsupnow.com