NewsUpNOW is a new, innovative concept for delivering breaking news and entertainment stories directly to your phone via an APP, or to your computer.  NewsUpNOW is also a platform for freelance journalists from all over the world to have an opportunity to showcase their work.

NewsUpNOW is presented in three languages:  English, Portuguese and Spanish.  Three anchors/reporters will bring the news to our viewers in these languages whenever the news happens. Each news story will be delivered in a short segment, of length 30 to 90 seconds. Feature, travel, entertainment, and business stories will be longer.  We have the right to air content provided by media partners in Brazil, Mexico and the United States, and these partners have the right to our content.

NewsUpNOW also features a state-of-the-art website in addition to the APP. On visitors will have access to interviews, events, parties, travel tips on places to visit, hotels and resorts, restaurants, music, movies, plays, weather, and much more. In addition, we will provide information about the best of the best events on our “Agenda” segment (airs every Thursday), where viewers will see what’s going on in the big cities of Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

Besides all these amazing features, NewsUpNOW will bring to the viewers the latest on politics, business and the economy from all over the world. Political analysts will give their input on important national and international topics, along with immediate breaking news.  In another words, you don’t have to wait until 5 p.m. to catch the latest breaking news. NewsUpNOW brings you the news you need immediately.

Our target audience is viewers from ages 18 to 40. These people are the new audience, and they don’t get their news through the conventional television method. Viewers will be able to send their videos and photos, and also be part of our– a space for our viewers to participate and send tips/stories to our newsroom.