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Our mission is to reveal a soft voice that will make people reminisce their life memories. While at the same time allowing them to travel to places they have never visited. Through ART, we can achieve education, travel the world, and find ourselves.

27 de January de 2020

The Social Dilemma premieres at the Sundance Film Festival

Insiders from big tech companies, like; Google, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and others reveal how these platforms expose our lives […]

21 de January de 2020

La cantante y compositora, Verito Garcia visita nuestro estudio y nos cuenta de su nuevo exito, “Que Tonta Fui”

17 de January de 2020

Artists launched a new campaign “Excuse My Accent” against xenophobia

Artists Drei Ros and RobYoung brings community together in San Francisco for release of a new video and campaign “Excuse […]

8 de January de 2020

L World is Back on Show Time

7 de January de 2020

¿Estás listo para entrenar con Carlos?

Tres sencillos pasos para un buen entrenamiento